Monday, September 2, 2013

I didn't expect this kind of Spanish Inquisition.

Mistaking ones preferred occult current for absolute truth is an error I have been encountering more and more as I become involved in the Esoteric community.
I keep seeing people saying "This is wrong!" about very subjective concepts and tools, when saying, "This doesn't mesh very well with this particular school of thought in this particular branch of the western esoteric tradition.”, would be far more accurate.
One of the greatest 'Metatruths' I've ever discovered, regardless of it's original context is, “Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted.”. I take it as a meditation on the nature of the universe, and use it internally as a refutation of the concept of hierarchy. Just as “As above, so below” is not only a statement on how magic functions, but also a statement on the illusionary nature of spiritual hierarchies in general.
I would say that these two ideas should be paired together, and used as a guide when navigating magic, and when dealing with the various entities one encounters in an evocation.

As above, so below.
Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

How can one cast down other peoples spiritual/magical methods when one has encountered these ideas?
One can make an argument on the effectiveness of certain techniques from a personal perspective, but to say something is “wrong” is to make an appeal to some sort of absolute authority. And if you believe there is an absolute authority and that your preferred magical system/current is the One-True™ system ordained by God, you've descended into fundamentalism. And if you've done that, you have to either pile on the cognitive dissonance necessary to ignore the literally thousands of effective indigenous magical systems and syncretic systems, or you have to declare all those systems as “evil” or “demonic”, and sound just like the worst of the rabid priests of orthodoxy.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The real secret of the Mystery Cults

It is my opinion/contention that most, if not all, of the grand secrets of the Mystery Cults of the ancient world and even early Hermeticism (Blasphemy!), were actually ceremonies with entheogens as their primary catalyst. You went through initiations to move through the grades, and were tested on your knowledge, all to prepare you to Touch the cosmic. As anyone with a working knowledge of psychedelics will tell you, tripping for the first time by yourself can have disastrous results. Now imagine if your first trip was after you had learned a strong mythological context, with a pre prepared ceremony r ritual to guide you through it? And you thought listening to Dark side of the moon on mushrooms was amazing. I truly feel like this is the keystone to the mysteries. And I feel it's why most of the Modern Mystery schools all seem so hollow. Yes there is still a great deal for the modern Adept to glean from the Esoteric societies, but it is a faint shadow of true communion/revelation.
Having performed the LRBP using Entheogens, I can tell you with some certainty that it is a wholly/Holy different and powerful experience. I would even go so far as to suggest that the reason High magic in the Hermetic tradition is so concerned with sacred geometries is precisely to instill order in the potential chaos of the entheogenic experience.

Also I would hazard a guess, as I haven't done the work on this myself, that Evoking a spirit to visible manifestation would be more likely successful. Almost as if that was how it was originally intended.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Encounter with Hypnos.

The dream started in a relatively mundane way... Walking with a childhood friend who may have murdered his parents (this is what passes for mundane in my life). We were with my mother, but left her to repair her car/truck. We crossed the street to go get something to eat at the local A&W (don't judge me!). I was hesitant to cross the street at the somewhat busy turn off (make of that what you will). And we ended up eating at the restaurant, and spied my mother there eating with a man and a child we didn't recognize. We waved at each other across the room, and seemed happy (again, dream symbolism everybody!).

The Dream shifted to (or ended, and new dream began, hard to tell sometimes) Me, alone, entering a mansion or building (possibly in a city) of the old money variety. Ornate wood carving and panelling covering every surface, and that carpeting/rug that was installed in the late 19th century. I was in a wide-ish room, at the base of some stairs, getting myself a drink of water from a jug on the kind of brass and wood trolley you'd expect in a place like that.

That was when I noticed the person in the mask.

It was a full faced golden mask, of the kind you'd see in Venice during Carnival. Smooth, flawless, with the black make up around the eyes to keep them in shadow, and conversely, prominent. I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, as he/she was tall-ish, but the robe he/she was wearing was of a feminine cut. It was in a style similar to a burka, but with an open face. And it was of deep reds and blues, but covered with an ornate pattern of gold, mostly at right angles. The hem of the hood around the mask was of a denser gold pattern.

They gestured that I should put the Jug in the centre of the floor, which I did. They were wearing golden gloves as well.
They then pointed to the floor and spun their finger in a circle, to indicate I should turn around, and then held up three fingers to show I should do it thrice. I did so.
They then moved to the corner of the room (to my right) nearest the base of the stairs (which were against the right wall) And opened their arms, less in reverence, and more as if to beseech someone, and called out “SCORPIO!” and then another word which was not in a language I knew, and was taken from my memory by that horrible amnesia particular t dreams. So I then repeated their actions and words. They then moved in a quarter circle in a very effeminate style, with flowery gestures every foot or so, seeming to indicate the lighting of candles, while saying nonsense words, in an exaggeratedly flowing voice. This was too much for me, and I burst out laughing, saying, “I can't remember all that!”. There seemed to be no offence taken, or disappointment at all from the figure, as if It was all in jest, or just part of the journey.

This was the point in which I awoke, and the dream ended.

There was an element of “Eyes Wide Shut” in this dream, obviously. But that may not have been intentional, as I have always felt that masks should be used in ritual magick to help with both atmosphere, and the taking on of another persona during ritual. And it was also fascinating to me that I immediately understood the figure was leading me through a ritual.

Who the figure was is still somewhat of a mystery to me, and I am going to, in the near future, attempt to find out, and contact again, as it definitely felt like some kind of contact, rather that the usual dream denizen.
The figure seemed close to how I imagined Hypnos, but there was also a very Luciferian vibe coming from him/her.

Also afterwards there have been several Synchronicities with Kevin Angers “Lucifer Rising” and Bobby Beausoleil as well.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TRON: Gemini

I keep thinking about Tron: Legacy, and about doubles.
The entire movie seemed to be about the concept of the double.
You have the obvious, Kevin Flynn creating Clu in hi own image. And the slightly less obvious, but still out in the open of Rinzler/Tron, with his two disks and dual nature. But then you have the concept of the discs everyone has on their backs, having a record of the sum total of their life and experiences. 
It's a sort of Akashic Double, or informational double. And the disc can be accessed, the information changed, and the person/program/Iso can be altered.
 Plus, you've got the owner of the “End of Line” club who, not only has a dual identity, but also Has the Name “Castor”, as in “Castor & Pollux”, otherwise known as “Gemini”.

It also seems to show that Kevin Flynn could only see his faults through the creation of a flawed double of himself (Clu/Demiurge).

Other numbers seem important as well. I'm not sure if it's tangentially related to the emphasis on doubles or not.
For instance you have the holy trinity of tha Father, the Son, and the 'Holy Ghost' of Quorra. She is one of the “Iso's” who were emergent phenomenon that came seemingly from nowhere (Ghost like) and were repeatedly called “the miracle” by Kevin Flynn (holy).

You also have five show up as an important number with Clu, Rinzler, Jarvis, and two black guards.

I'm still not sure of the exact meaning behind the doubling and twinning, aside from the obvious reference to duality. But there's something deeper there, tugging at the edges of my mind.

This post might seem a little less well written than my others, and slightly scattered, but I felt I needed to get these ideas down while they were still somewhat fresh in my mind.  It's all still rolling about in mt mind, and I'll be writing
a follow up post once it congeals.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

the S.I.S. (Social Immune System)

This is an edit of a post I made on an older blog, but I found it's relevance hasn't diminished.
Society, specifically western society, has evolved to kill you if you do not participate in it in a way that adds to it's growth and success efficiently and in a manner that it 'desires'.
Oh, it's subtle about it, and it's unspoken, so no one can warn you that it's about to happen. If too many people knew, it's effectiveness at getting rid of the undesirables would be compromised.
A simple example: If you don't do your taxes, you can't get medicare.
If you don't have medicare, you're more likely to suffer from illness longer, and therefore more likely to die.
Without an income, you cannot afford a place to live, which increases the stress on your body, which leads to a greater chance of death.
If you appear as an 'outsider' you will be less likely to receive aid from citizens, and therefore more likely to die.
Less work is done to investigate and prevent crimes committed on 'outsiders' which increases the probability of death, etc...

Members of society will also tend to resent you if you do not participate in the pre-approved methods. Resentment tends to manifest in passive methods of pushing people to the outskirts. Such as getting dropped to the bottom of waiting lists, or refused service at businesses. Things like that will increase the likelihood of not getting healthy food, or medicine in a timely manner, etc... all those add some percentiles on to the chances of dying earlier.
And resentment is especially strong in those that seem to be 'making it' in ways which are not 'sanctioned' by society. Look at how marginalized prostitution and illegal drug distribution are.
So try to remember this the next time you refuse to help someone, or even ignore/avoid someone, because you find them unsavoury, or a 'Damned Hipster', or whatever your personal disliked group. You are pushing them one step closer to the edge.
You are acting as a sleeper agent for the status quo.
This may sound a bit like whining about how the world is out to get me, etc... But as a suicidal rock god once said, “Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you”.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Active Dreaming

So I've been working on Active Dreaming, and encouraging my Dreaming self to be more open to receiving information/messages from the Dream.

The other night I had done some ritual preparation/energy work to that end, and as I was in the twilight state between wakefulness and sleep I thought I had accidentally struck myself in the face, but it turned out it to be a flash of contact of some kind.

It was so forceful it felt like a physical blow, and was over just as quickly. There was someone saying/yelling something, nd a feeling of impact from 'outside' or the 'other side', and a spot of coloured light (red/white/yellow I think) about the size of a silver dollar. It happened so fast I couldn't make out what was said. But it was quite shocking.
The impression I got was not negative or hostile from the encounter. It was more along the lines of a pickaxe trying to get through a wall, or a burst of information.

So, while I didn't have any remembered dreams the next night, my sister did.
She dreamed of being on board a plane in flight, and in a square white room around a square white table were her, her son, and two others. One with light hair and one with dark hair. Each was with an animal. On her right, her son, with a fish. Across from her was the light haired person with a skinned, but alive, rabbit, and on her left was the dark haired person with her cat. She had a lizard. She had killed and skinned the rabbit previously, which had returned to life, and she had been asking those with her what to do (as you can imagine she was somewhat concerned with the skinned rabbit returning to life, but it (the rabbit) forgave her, and this is when they all found themselves around the table. And they each had to come up with a word to complete something. The son's (fish) word was 'Alacrity'. The light haired person's (skinned rabbit) was 'compassion'. The dark haired person's (cat) was 'steadfastness'. But her word (lizard) She couldn't decide on before the dream ended. I found this dream absolutely fascinating, and simply pregnant with symbolism.

Apparently Morpheus has been hanging out with us.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An explanation of the Title (Tiamatrix)

The title comes from a personal revelation of mine regarding the nature, and metaphysical cosmology of existence.
First off I need to define some terms, and some perspectives.
When discussing things like the origins of reality in a metaphysical sense one must first give the caveat that everything stated is a metaphor. When you get to the very beginning of things most of what we conceive of didn't exist, and were so primal you can't define them except through metaphor. What I call 'Gods' and 'Spirits' and the like are base 'concepts' that have some kind of agency. I cannot say that they had wills and minds as we conceive them, as we a re talking about the fundamental building blocks of the experience of existing, and the nature of reality.
Also, one of the main perspectives I come from is that the only thing I can say for sure about anything is that I seem to exist. When I say 'I', I am referring to awareness, or consciousness. Everything in existence other than that is highly suspect. In other words, I come from the perspective that experience, or the experiencer, are primary, and what is experienced is either secondary, or illusionary, in the sense of impossible to prove (proof being an axiom of a material realist world view, as something has to be 'real' for proof to exist).

So. My personal revelation is roughly as follows. What I call 'Tiamat' is, in essence (remember, metaphors here), the primal 'stuff' that is experienced by consciousness. It is what matter is based on. It is the object to consciousness’s subject. Consciousness is the 'active' principle (yang) whereas Tiamat is the reactive (yin). This can be conceived of as a disembodied 'Spirit' or consciousness, entering into a realm of existence, or a 'body'. This 'Body/Realm' tracks very well on to the Primal Deity Tiamat, hence why I use the name. Tiamatrix is a play on the name to describe it's nature as the Matrix of the world. In both it's structural sense and to equate it somewhat with the Matrix of the film of the same name.
Those of you who are familiar with the Myths surrounding Tiamat, will also recognize that there was a divine agency that killed and dismembered Tiamat to create the world.
This is where I have blended some Gnostic concepts and some Mesopotamian myths.
I encourage those of you not familiar with the myths surrounding the slaying of Tiamat to read up on it as it is fascinating, and tragic.
At the beginning of things, there was The Primal Consciousness (the One), and the Primal Experience (Tiamat). They found each other, and played many games of both experiencing and being experienced. They were mirrors of each other, lovers, and siblings, parent and child to each other. And through these unions, children weere born (consciousness under the illusion of separateness became many gods and goddesses). As these children were mixes of other concepts, they became distinct in character, which was disruptive to the older, more primal gods (think a cacophony versus a single note, or a simple melody). This caused a rift between the old and the new. Murders were planned and wars were fought. The One was slain, But there was a favoured child, one of the newer gods who loved Tiamat, and lamented the death of the one, so Tiamat gave him control over the realms (in the original myth by giving him the tablet of destinies). He challenged the head of the new gods (Marduk, or the Demiurge) to battle, but he lost. The Demiurge then took the tablet of destinies and slew Tiamat, and made the world from her body. Then took the essence of her champion and mixed it with the stuff of the world to create humanity. This is the condition we find ourselves in. We are the essence of that failed hero trapped in a prison made from the corpse of our Lover and Mother.
That is the Tiamatrix.